Beauty of East Berlin


I photograph flowers and plants for my fine art work. And I capture moments. Amongst my favorite photographs are those taken at the Soviet war memorial Pankow in Berlin.
I encountered diplomats and military personal on a cold November day, under the wide sky of Berlin/Brandenburg. Sovjet monumental architecture and the tragedy of history are always part of my neighbourhood at the edge of the city. Where the sky is wide.

What I do

Suf Talismans

Handmade Suf Talismans
Weaving is a sacred act.Suf is the word for wool, garnment in Sufi lore. It refers to woolen garments Sufis used to wear, and to the process of weaving this garnment, which is the path itself. Wool is an ancient medicine. Natural sheep’s wool is used for treatment of injuries, skin diseases and other ailments and […]
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Floral Art

A Selection of Floral Fine Art
I collect, draw, paint and photograph plants, blooms, buds and flowers and bring them to dance with me and reveal their stories and mysteries. My art talks about my journey with these wonderful beings.
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