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Garden Design

Gardens are Healers
I create green spaces that transmit original Islamic holistic ideas and values, known from Islamic gardens. I am offering planting and design advise, consultancy and DIY tutorials on the website The Art of Sufi Gardening. I introduce history and ideas behind Islamic and Sufi garden designs and show how to transform even small outdoor spaces into refuges for nature, for health, sanity, peace, beauty and calm.
The Art of Sufi Gardening
  • Sufi Joy in Gardens, Indoors & Small Outdoor Spaces

Floral Art

Color. Light. Shadow.
The micro- and macro-cosmos, gardens, animals, flowers, mythology, and the existential battle between light and shadow is the inspiration of my floral art and illustrative work. I meditate on flowers and observe how the light gives birth to beauty and how light aids colors and forms to emerge from shadow and darkness. My illustrative work engages with animals, florals, herbs and other themes.
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Suf Talismans

Handmade Suf Talismans
Weaving is a sacred act.Suf is the word for wool, garnment in Sufi lore. It refers to woolen garments Sufis used to wear, and to the process of weaving this garnment, which is the path itself. Wool is an ancient medicine. Natural sheep’s wool is used for treatment of injuries, skin diseases and other ailments and […]
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    Suf Talismans can be made according to your specifications or purchased via my Shop at Etsy.


Animals, Birds, Insects, Plants, Flowers
Animal, Bird, Insect, Plant Illustrations
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