The Soviet Memorial in Pankow

Footprints of Soviet History in East-Berlin
The Lonelyness of Heroes LostThere is great majestic lonleyness to this place on the northern edge of Berlin Pankow. It is a vast monument to the dead of the Red Army. Thousands lay buried here. A giant Russian mother made of steel stands in the middle, in front of a marble obelisk, mourning her son, […]

Other Earth Angels..

An Exotic Earth Angel in North Carolina
Was reading about this Earth Angel today, when checking on Google. A specialist shop (very special) in a shopping mall in North Carolina. It amused me, but also made me sad for a variety of reasons. How Earth Angel has survived despite construction on Independence I bemoan how things fall apart. The places where people […]

My New Website: Earthangel

Shop & Blog
It was time to change something. I had to pull together all the work I did over the last years and decide how to continue. The Art of Islamic Healing is a very successful blog. People ask for the art work but I had no channel to administer, sell, and deliver ar work and make […]

Esoteric Quarterly & Art Work for Hoger Institute, Belgium

Featured Art Work and Illustration on Islamic Psychotherapy
“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.” ~ Dschalāl ad-Dīn ar-Rūmī Autumn (2017) – I feel honored to be the featured artist for Esoteric Quarterly, an independent, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to […]

Emma Clark: The Art of the Islamic Garden

Book Review of Emma Clark's "The Art of the Islamic Garden"
“Books are the gardens of scholars.” ~ Ali ibn Talib (as)It is Autumn, 2017. This past summer I exhibited some art work in a garden in Berlin and took part in art festivals and studied the culture and history of the Islamic garden. The Berlin garden was pretty yet chaotic (so Berlin!) and I longed […]

The Daughter of the Moment ~ Bint al-Waqt, لوقت‎

Notes on Modern Digital Art & Neen from the Unorthodox
“(S)he is the (wo)man who, having found Allah’s Self-disclosure in each and every indivisible moment, worships and surrenders to the One Who IS the moment.” ~ Sufi Wisdom, after Ali El-Senossi “Neen, which by coincidence in old Greek means “exactly now, not a second later” was a controversial name (in a moment in art history, […]

Sacred Dwellings

Celestial Gardens and Garden Artistry in Islam
“O Marvel! A garden amidst the flames.” ~Ibn Arabi, Tarjuman al-Ashwaq “We are unaware of our own manifestation in this garden, the narcissus does not see it’s own spring with it’s own eyes.” ~ Mir Dard When do we really see and take in the delicate beauty of a flower, the majesty and care of […]

The Christmas Rose

Cancer-Treatments & Antidote Medicine in Islamic Healing
“The word “Toxin” (…) has a Persian Shamanic root (“taxsa” means “poisoned arrow”). The art and science of “the anti-dote against the poison” has a highly honored, special place in the Islamic healing arts.“ The Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger, Black hellebore or Snow Flower, in Asia: Helleborus orientalis) is an evergreen perennial flowering plant that […]

A Simple Detoxing Massage with Mint

Secrets of the Modest Mint
“Once the Mint takes roots it won’t leave easily and does it’s cleansing job.” I know the modest Mint in the kitchen and as an aid for indegistation. On further investigation Mint reveals itself as a powerful herb that draws out dark, moist and unpure things from the body. In nature Mint grows in the […]

The Peonie

Queen of Islamic Floral Art
The Peonie in European medieval art and folklore – inspired by Islamic gardening culture and intriguing mystical stories – also speaks about the burning desire for God. Yet other tales are more ambigous. During the night the Peonie spends medicine and healing, during the day the beautiful “Rose with no thorns” is protected by a jealous bird.