My name is Kirsten Roya Azal. I work with flowers and gardens, collect, draw, paint, photograph & digitize buds, flowers, cones and seeds. I work in gardens and photograph them to experience and share unity. My work merges botany, phytology, philosophy, science, religion and psychology. I also write extensively about Islam, Shamanism, Sufism, religious history, psychology, nature, the law, human rights and digital worlds.

I live outside of Berlin. Mentally and geographically. Here is sky is wide and of a deep blue hue


My Background

I grew up in Munich, Germany. My parents were politically hyperactive, busy city people. I spend my summers with my rural family where I was introduced to nature, farming and mystical spiritual life. My great-grand uncle was a true nature mystic. He and his teachings live with me forever.

I moved to London in my 20s and worked as Editorial Assistant and Interface Designer, Illustrator, User Experience Expert and Information Architect for The Guardian, Tate Galleries and other groups. My life was disrupted by data hacking and cyber-abuse and in 2012 I returned to Germany. Here I reconnected with my roots and follow my path. I am an initiated Sufi. This means I communicate – through initiation and training – with the subtle worlds.

Writing & Art

I create art and illustrations, work in gardens, photograph landscapes and gardens. I also work on books and other publishing projects. In particular I am working on the effects of the digital worlds and their abuse on mental and psychic health.

Blogs (in English)

The Art of Islamic Healing, since 2014

Islamic healing traditions, psychology, cyber abuse, art, shamanism, nature, history.

The Art of Sufi Gardening

Garden Tutorials, environmental protection, gardening, subtle worlds.

The Red Mother

Children’s Rights, Women’s Rights, Human Rights.