My name is Kirsten Roya Azal, people call me Roya, which means “Vision” in Persian. I merge botany, phytology, spiritual practise, philosophy, medicine and psychology in my creative work.

I live so far out of Berlin, it is almost Brandenburg. Here the sky is wide and of a deep blue hue. Nature inspires me, our home, books, history, wool, gardens, science, philosophy and Sufi and Islamic spiritual practise.

My Blog “The Art of Islamic Healing” and the German version “Die Kunst des Heilens” are known for their contributions about the spiritual healing traditions in Sufism and Islam. On Earthangel I show my illustrations, fine art, crafts, gardening and photography, and talk about Berlin and Germany and all kinds of other things too.

Until 2012 I lived in London where I worked for the Education Guardian, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Tate Galleries and others as illustrator, designer and user experience expert. Since 2012 we live in Berlin.

I create green spaces that transmit original Islamic holistic ideas and values, known from Islamic gardens. I am offering planting and design advise, consultancy and DIY tutorials on the website The Art of Sufi Gardening. I introduce history and ideas behind Islamic and Sufi garden designs and show how to transform even small outdoor spaces into refuges for nature, for health, sanity, peace, beauty and calm.

I sell prints of my art work currently via Etsy,where I also sell decorative items I create from wool and – if available – hand made learning toys, vintage porcelain, ceramics and objects from folk art. For my arts & crafts I use wool, plants, wood, flowers, seeds, pines and similar. If you got any questions, just contact me.

5% of the profits from my shop on Etsy goes to charity. This year I will donate to the German Alpine Association. I grew up in Munich and spend many wonderful days in the Alps and to this day many beautiful experiences nurture and inspire me.


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2016 - 2017
Exibitions 2016/2017

"God is beautiful and he loves beauty." ~ Travelling Exhibition in Brandenburg

48 Hours Neukölln, Berlin

Open Gardens Berlin